Friday, February 12, 2010

My Sweet Valentines!

Last year I showed off some cute Valentine's Day cards I made with the help of my kids. {You can peek at them again here!} Here are this year's Valentines! The kids are passing them out at school today.

I actually make these as two 2x3" cards on one 4x6" photo. Once I upload them and get them printed as photos, I cut them in half. They are very economical!

I love making my own, custom cards for any occasion! If I had gotten my act together a little sooner, I would have been taking orders to make custom Valentines. Maybe next year...
Sunday I will show you the Valentine I made for Gil!!!


Jenny said...

SO.........creative Terri! Hope you guys have a wonderful Valentines day!!

Belinda said...

Nice share

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